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Our Hardwood Floor Drying Services Can Save Your Floors

Hardwood floors damaged by water require immediate care from a qualified professional if there is any hope to saving the flooring. Our technicians are trained in state-of-the-art hardwood wood floor drying. We are able to save floors many other companies have to tear out. Our goal is to get you back in your home faster.

Depending on the square footage, replacing hard wood floors can take weeks and several thousand dollars, whereas professional hardwood floor drying from King of Steam can be done in a fraction of the time for significantly less than full replacement.

Important facts about hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood floors are very sensitive, so proper drying is critical
  • Wood naturally holds water – up to 10% by volume depending on the type of floor
  • Wood can absorb another 5% to 10% by volume without showing any noticeable effects. Within a few days, however, floors that cannot hold the water any longer will expand, causing cupping. Cupping is when the sides of the wood floor swell, creating an uneven surface.
  • If not properly treated, mold can grow between floor boards and in the subfloor

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