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Mold Remediation Vs Removal - What's the Difference?

Mold Remediation or Removal – What’s the difference?

Are you wondering what the difference between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation is? Hopefully we can clear up any confusion you may have.

Instead of offering remediation many businesses frequently advertise their services as a mold removal and some even provide guarantees. When you see these types of ads it is important to know that it is virtually impossible to fully eradicate mold from any area. Black mold is made up of microscopic spores which exist just about everywhere both inside your home and outside.

The professionals at KOS are fully licensed and trained to deal with mold properly and understand that the focus is on remediation so that mold levels return back to their normal, safe levels. It is also important to note that not every mold infestation is the same and each case requires a solution of it’s own but our process of remediation stays the same.

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